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Stress management & COVID-19

Stress often results from overwhelming or difficult events (stressors). Stress results from too many changes, too much information, too many demands, or too much responsibility. There are a lot of great resources circulating regarding COVD-1...

June 2019: Emily Cowling – Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Assessment for the type of exercise you want to return to:

Returning to exercise can mean lots of different things for every mother. Some women want to be able to walk without pain, some want to l...

Perinatal anxiety

There's a lot of information around about postnatal depression, but not as much discussion about perinatal anxiety. Perinatal anxiety is more common than depression, with up to 39% of women experiencing it. It can involve worry, apprehension, or nervou...

Boosting Your Toddler’s Language with Routines.

By Meghan Walsh – Speech Pathologist, Nurture Family Health Centre

Routines are a fantastic way to encourage your toddler’s language development.  Almost everything we do throughout a typical day involves a routine in some...

Most of us have heard of premenstrual syndrome: becoming irritable, anxious or moody prior to your monthly cycle. For some women, these symptoms can be extreme, distressing, or impair their ability to go about their normal life: in which case, it might be premenstrual...

You've given birth and have a tiny human who relies on you to meet all of their needs. You're trying to learn how best to care for your baby- even experienced mothers go through this, as babies are all different. You're sleep deprived. Your body has changed and needs t...

How to survive the School Holidays: Tips for travelling with children on the Autism spectrum

With the school holidays around the corner, we can feel overwhelmed by the upcoming school holiday entertaining and, most of all, the much-feared transit. Traveling can be a bur...


Insomnia is not just taking a long time to get to sleep. It can be difficulty maintaining sleep, so you wake up multiple times during the night, and can’t get back to sleep. It can also involve being awake in the early morning. It's more common in women, and fo...

Supporting Your Child’s Early Reading

By Meghan Walsh – Speech Pathologist, Nurture Family Health Centre

School is in full swing again and while many are getting back into the regular routine of weekly readers and sight words, have you wondered if there is more that you...

Last year 9 news covered that the the “latest” research in migraine relief is physical therapy. Yet listening to a radio ad the other day, medication is still largely the sole proposal from most GPs and other sources for headache relief. As a chiropractor, I find this...

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