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Your child’s first words are an exciting milestone for both you and them. There are many components that go into talking including the sounds that make up speech, the meaning behind the words we use, the grammar that we use to combine our words into meaningful sentences and the intonation we use to give them additional meaning (and many more!). A break down in any of these components may cause a communication breakdown.

For most of us communication breakdowns occur regularly but we work hard to avoid and repair them when we notice that they have occurred. For children with language or speech difficulties these breakdowns occur more often, resulting in frustration for both the listener and speaker. This frustration can often lead to tantrums or other negative behaviours (such as snatching instead of requesting, or hitting to gain attention).

If you think your child might be experiencing higher than normal levels of frustration around communication breakdowns it might be time to see a Speech Pathologist to work out why.

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