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May 22, 2018

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Choosing The Right School Bag For Your Child

December 11, 2017


Did you Know?


a)      Your current back pain may have been caused from carrying a heavy, overfull backpack for the 12yrs you went to school.

b)      International studies have shown that over 80% of children think their bag is too heavy for them.

c)       And 46% of kids think that their bags cause back pain.


Well you do now – so here is how to size your child’s backpack.


·         It should be no heavier than 10% of your child’s weight

·         No wider than their chest

·         They should use both shoulder straps (though this is unlikely to happen I know)

·         Don’t let them wear it any lower than the hollow of their back

·         Place heavy items towards the base of their pack and close to the spine


Now for all the kids out there who think mum and Dad are just nagging.

I know we all want a cool looking backpack that uses one strap and hangs as low to our bum as possible. But LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING! Trust me! Future you will thank you for having a stupid bag. (Trust me I’m a chiropractor…. I know).\



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