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Back 2 School

With 2018 finally here, we all start making resolutions, we return to work and are determined that this year will be better than the last. For our kids however it means that the dreaded time of the new school year is upon them. So you rush off to buy them new school gear since they’ve grown, new books for this school year and new hats and bags since they have conveniently disappeared since last year. But what about them? What about their bad posture from doing nothing all holidays? Or that they haven’t been standing “straight” since their last growth spurt? Well here are a few handy tips to get their bodies ready for Term 1.

Stretching Tips – get them stretching their; neck, shoulder and leg muscles

Handy Hint: Make a game out of it – who can reach the furthest or use the weirdest piece of furniture?

Scoliosis Tips – this is for you to see if you need to get your child checked. Look for:

1. One shoulder is hiked up

2. One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other

3. One hip is sitting higher than the other

4. Torso appears rotated

5. The spine looks like it is in an “S” shape from the back

Posture Tips –

1. While they are playing computer/video games sneak up behind them and put a balloon (or water bomb if you’re brave) and make them hold it while they play. If it drops, they lose (or get wet).

2. Ballerina/Soldier stand – this one is good for the little ones. Tell them to stand like a soldier or ballerina by puffing their chest out, tuck their tummy in all while keeping their shoulders relaxed and head looking forward.

3. When in the car, get them to push their head back into the head rest and hold for 5 secs. They have to do this 10 times before the ride ends.

Still concerned? Don’t think they’ll listen? Call Nurture on 4772 2555 and book in with one of our practitioners for a check-up or more information!

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