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Pilates, What’s the Big Deal?

By Dr Emily Wills

Pilates is an exercise technique created by Joseph Pilates back in the early 1900s (yes, its old!). He practised yoga, gymnastics, skiing, self-defence, dance, circuit training and weight training, and took aspects of each to create his regime. He based his exercises on 8 principles relaxation, concentration, alignment, Centring, breathing, Co-ordination, Flowing movement and Stamina, to create a strengthening and rehabilitation program initially used for soldiers in WW1, then with Military police post war, and finally with dancers through his studio in New York.

Today Modern Pilates is based off of these principles and extremely hard exercises created by Joe. But they have been applied with modern research and today’s practical knowledge to create a low-impact and effective technique, that can be customized for anyone and everyone.

So what can Pilates do for you?

· Improve your posture

· Increase core strength and mobility

· Improve balance, strength flexibility

and body-awareness

· Improve your fitness (and weight)

· AND help with injury prevention

Now while this may sound too good to be true…it is the case! We can teach you how to turn on your pelvic floor, Transverse abdominus, multifidi and oblique muscles – which are all the muscles that make up your core and provide stability to the body. With our core turned on we now can work from a stable base and you will find you feel stronger, move more freely, as well as being straighter and more aligned. This also means we are now using the correct muscle for the correct movement and can re-pattern your neural pathways to choose the correct muscle for the correct exercise. In the long run preventing injury and creating better function throughout the body.

But remember concentration is the key, and Pilates is a workout for your mind as well as your body! And while seems simple…it is usually deceptively hard.

At Nurture we offer a variety of different Pilates classes run by either our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor – giving you a clinical Pilates experience! We offer pregnancy Pilates to help get you ready for child birth and the recovery process, Mums and Bubs Pilates to allow you to be the best you can be for bub and you, as well as clinical classes on Saturdays!

Call Nurture now on (07) 4772 2555 to book into one of our many classes or to speak to one of our practitioners to determine if Pilates is right for you!

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