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Headaches and chiropractic

Last year 9 news covered that the the “latest” research in migraine relief is physical therapy. Yet listening to a radio ad the other day, medication is still largely the sole proposal from most GPs and other sources for headache relief. As a chiropractor, I find this interesting as I have been taught since I studied chiro at university that I could help treat and prevent the return of headaches including migraines, with many of my patients booking appointments with me to get relief for their migraines or other types of headaches.

But this also made me realise how many people out there (3 million according to 9 News last year) are suffering from migraines and do not realise that chiropractic treatment could be helping them…helping you! So why book in for chiropractic?

Cervical adjusting (or as sometimes put ‘neck cracking’) has been found to provide the equivalent relief of propranolol or topiramate1 – common migraine medication. Studies have found the adjustment gives on average 30hrs of relief1, decreases the amount of days patients have a migraine and improves quality of life2. When you combine this with soft tissue work we can help to maintain further relief, as these studies have also shown that massage was the equivalent of a topirimate and provided significant relief when compared to someone who was only on medication1. Chiropractic Guidelines on treatment of Headaches also suggest the same thing – migraine improves most with multi-disciplinary care, and weekly chiropractic care (to begin with) for chronic and episodic migraines is recommended treatment3.

Here at Nurture our chiropractors offer an all-round treatment to determine if chiro is right for your Headaches. However, if chiro is not right for you, we also have the option to refer you onto to one of our qualified physiotherapists, our dietician or to our GP to allow us to work out the best treatment for you and what will work.

If you would like to try chiropractic or chat to one of our other medical professionals, give Nurture a call on 07 4772 2555. Our lovely receptionists can book an appointment for you then and there, or we can arrange a time to talk to one of our practitioners that suits you.


1. Chaibi,A Tuchin,P Russell,M. Manual therapies for migraine: a systematic review. Journal Of headache Pain. 2011. 12: 127-133.

2. Woodfield,C Becker, W Hasick, G Rose, S. Observed Changes in Quality of Life Measures and Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Parameters in Migraine Subjects Receiving Chiropractic Care. H Upper Cervical Research Foundation - University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services.

3. Bryans,R Descarreaux,m Duranleau,M Marcoux, H Potter,B Ruegg, R Shaw,L Watkin,R White,E. Evidence-based Guidelines for the chiropractic treatment of adults with headaches. Journal of manipulative and Physiological Therupeutics. 2011.

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