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Premenstrual Dysphoria

Most of us have heard of premenstrual syndrome: becoming irritable, anxious or moody prior to your monthly cycle. For some women, these symptoms can be extreme, distressing, or impair their ability to go about their normal life: in which case, it might be premenstrual dysphoria. Premenstrual dysphoria can involve significant mood swings (such as suddenly crying for no apparent reason, or being really sensitive), anger, low mood, anxiety, or tension. It may also involve fatigue or lack of energy; difficulty concentrating; changes to appetite or sleep; losing interest in normal activities (like work); feeling overwhelmed; and physical symptoms like breast tenderness, bloating, or weight changes. These symptoms are often worst in the days before a period and at the start of your cycle, and then get better as your period progresses.

It's good to know that the research indicates that both medical and psychological treatments are effective in reducing or managing the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoria. At Nurture, we offer holistic treatment with our experienced GP Dr Deirdre Van Der Merwe, and caring clinical psychologist, Dr Emma Black, available to help. We also have experienced dietitian Joanna Boyle available to provide dietary support, as there is preliminary evidence that diet may help symptoms of premenstrual dysphoria. Contact us for an appointment today!

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