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Returning to exercise after giving birth

June 2019: Emily Cowling – Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Assessment for the type of exercise you want to return to:

Returning to exercise can mean lots of different things for every mother. Some women want to be able to walk without pain, some want to lose weight, some want to return to their previous fitness levels which may include running and some need it for their mental health and so on. Exercise is well known for nourishing the mind, body and soul. Through thorough assessments of your whole body, including your abdominal, pelvic floor, spinal mobility, upper and lower limb function our Women’s Health physiotherapists at Nurture can help you to return to the form of physical activity you aspire to.

So you’ve been assessed and you have an exercise program and now you’re finding it hard to get the time to do it! Evidence confirms that the main obstacle for women returning to exercise in the postnatal phase in the Western world is the lack of childcare. Taking advice from Emma’s “Adjusting to Motherhood” blog it is important for mothers to also allow themselves to take time out for themselves to exercise and not feel guilty about it.

Talk and organise with your partner / spouse about times for when both of you can get your exercise done. You may for example, exercise as a family, or take it in turns with exercising in the afternoons or mornings. Exercise classes or gym memberships with a crèche may be useful or call upon your support network like family or friends. Exercise is something to be enjoyed by everyone. It may just take some time to work out what form of exercise is best for you!

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